• 5 nail trends for Spring 2020

    Is it time to let the spring hues in your life? The answer you are looking for is YES, a thousand times YES! Here are 5 of the most popular-to-be nail trends for Spring 2020. Let the sunshine in ☀

    Minimalistic nudes

    Keep it low-key: try pale pink nails plus small white dots, a black stripe on some of your fingers or another tiny accent. Believe us: those are more visible than you think!

    Creamy hues

    A very pretty combo (Oscar de la Renta-approved) is orange against taupe or pink against cream yellow. It will be a bit extravagant and yet very ladylike, so just give it a go next time you’re visiting the nail salon.


    Shades of blue

    Okay, we agree blue is more of a summer shade, but given the fact that classic blue is the colour of 2020, we were prepared to see it everywhere since day 1 (day one being the day Pantone announced their Colour of the year, in case you wonder). All blue variations will do: cobalt, teal, ultramarine, powder blue.


    Barely-there French manicure

    Make the line as thin as possible, may we suggest even the term “micro”? This interpretation of the classic manicure is subtle and sophisticated. Do we need to say it goes with absolutely everything in your wardrobe?


    Flora & fauna

    <Florals for spring? Groundbreaking!>

    We do remember Miranda Priestly’s comment, but it turns out one can never have enough floral details when it comes to the spring season. But if one does, there are plenty of catchy and bright butterflies which can fly directly on your nails.


  • Colour radar: pistachio green

    It’s official: pistachio green is one of the biggest colour trends of summer 2019. We constantly see it on the streets, we saw it on the runway for SS 2019 (Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Jil Sander and JW Anderson are just some of the designers that opted for that pale green shade in their collections) and you simply have to see it in your wardrobe!

    Here are some ideas how to add the sage-resembling hue to your colour palette.

    1. Heeled sandals

    We suggest that you go for a pair of pistachio mules or slingback pumps. Combine it with a midi boho dress in white/beige and rock your walk.

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    2. Leather skirt

    Mini lengths are your weapon of choice? How about an overlapped belted skirt in this shade of green? Mix & match it with all the shirts dancing on the hangers.

    Acne Studios skirt from remixshop.com

    Acne Studios skirt from remixshop.com

    3. Dress

    Instead of picking just one single piece of your outfit in pistachio colour, why not wear it from head to toe? Pick a green midi dress (yes, you got that right – we adore them), add the pair of shoes from our first suggestion (1. Heeled sandals) and have yourselves a never-ending summer!


    4. Nail polish

    That’s the opposite case of our previous idea. Now we’re following the rule “It’s all about the details.” You can choose pale green for the main hue of your manicure or least add some pistachio glitter in this shade.shutterstock_391621336

    What are your peaceful colours for the summer?

  • Sustainable beauty innovations

    A perfect balance of beauty and sustainability is possible, these innovations will show you exactly how.

    Package-free bath products

    Amazing as it sounds – Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics are making package-free bath products. But despite the fact that some of them come without any packaging and the brand’s policy is not to use wrapping paper or plastic bags, you can still make a proper gift from the Lush shop by getting one of the reusable knot-wraps for your gift. It can later be transformed into a brand-new fashion accessory. And that’s not all – the brand is actually fully dedicated to sustainability. All of their products are 100% vegetarian, made with all-natural ingredients in order to make an amazing experience for your skin. Also when buying their products, you should know that no animals or humans were harmed in the production process of the fresh handmade cosmetics.


    Organic makeup with a cause

    The Danish makeup artist Kjaer Weishas also made a strong commitment to sustainability, following ethical buying practices and producing 100% organic beauty products. The ingredients’ source is carefully selected – every summer Italian beekeepers cart their little beehives to the mountains on the border between France and Italy. Their bees extract the nectar from biodynamic flower fields, but also help to pollinate them in a safe, pesticide-free, environment. The beehive’s harvest then is used to make the richly-coloured and pure beeswax-based makeup. In addition, once you buy a Kjaer Weis Compact, you will never need to throw away that luxury metal designer box or pay for another one, you can just refill it with your favouritecolour for a sizable discount.

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    Shampoo bottles saving beaches

    By choosing to buy Herbal Essences, you help clean the ocean. How? 25% of the plastic used in the product bottles is made from recycled plastic waste, collected from the coastlines in Panama, Canada, and other polluted places around the world. By composting, recycling and energy recovery programs the company is also eliminating the chance that any products or waste go into landfills.


  • Stylish hair for Spring 2019

    Spring is almost here, just one step (and a couple weeks) away. We had a look behind the scenes and on the runway of the four big players on the style events map – the fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris – and we gathered a few of the dominating trends when it comes to beautiful hairdos:

    Flower power

    Florals for spring? Groundbreaking! Ignore Miranda Priestly and find inspiration in every single flower you can add to your hair. We know the designers from Rodarte did. It’s romantic, it’s feminine, it’s spring after all!

    Don’t go to sleep, go to slick

    Back to basics, this time “basics” meaning lots of gel to keep your hair back. You will look fabulous and you can wear that pair of gorgeous earrings which simply deserves to be stared at!


    Put a ringbbon on it

    Ribbons are trendy already, but they are going to be massive during the spring season! Headbands will do the trick too.


    Bobby pins

    We know you know how to use them and you have at least a dozen of them for bad hair days. But the newcomers are bigger and bolder, sometimes even too much of both. Try large pearls, asymmetric gemstones or three shades of glitter.


    Long braids

    We are not huge fans of hair extensions, but that hairstyle is worth it if you don’t have the length for it. If you need some inspiration, have a look at the eye candies we saw at Max Mara and Cushnie’s Spring 2019 collections.

  • Jewellery trends for 2019

    Even the most impeccable dress needs a little extra something in order to shine: an elegant bag, a pair of extravagant shoes, a patent leather belt or some small objects of sparkling affection. Let’s open the Pandora jewellery box of 2019 together!



    Big and bold

    Chain necklaces were big among popular rappers and fitness instructors of the early 90s, but now they are going to be a hit in every fashionista’s outfit of the day.

    One of a kind


    Every pair is at least a little bit different, so why not go for “non-identical” when it comes to earrings too? Mix and match a hoop earring + a pear-shaped stud or leave one of the pieces in your set and opt for one tassel earring instead of two.



    Seashells on the seashore


    Don’t hold back on wearing a seashell shaped pair of earrings even when you’re going to work in April instead of drinking cocktails on your summer vacation. Shells are going to be everywhere, anytime, monochrome or colourful.



    Open front

    Chokers are still on the menu, but for the connoisseurs, they are a bit upgraded. Or shall we say degraded in terms of material? Open-cuff necklaces were spotted on the runway of brands like Dior and Fendi, which means they will definitely be spotted in your favourite store too. Same goes for open bangles.

  • 6 ideas for the festive manicure

    You are probably already thinking about the upcoming holidays, your party outfit and your festive manicure. And speaking of festive manicures, give yourself the freedom to leave behind the routine and make your nails look fun and cool.

    At this time of the year stars, sparkles and snowflakes are just a few of the possible options, so let’s see what else is out there:

    Minimalistic Christmas look

    Use the traditional green, red and white Christmas colours to create the perfect festive minimalistic nails art. Or, if you prefer, you could give it a personal touch with beige instead of white.


    Rimmed in gold or silver

    Explore the creative freedom with lines and ideas – paint silver or golden lines over the moons of your nails to create your remarkable style.


    Galaxy nails

    If you’re wondering how to nail the mystical cosmic look, try it with little white stars over your dark nail polish or choose a cosmic deep purple with glitter to make your nails look like a starry sky.


    Metallic style

    The metallic look with its almost surreal and cold shine is another thing you may add to your party outfit. Experiment with the variety of colours with metallic finish.

    Glitter glow

    Isn’t it the perfect time for glitter? There are some options – you could put it on the tips of your nails, over the moons or just as lateral vertical lines.


    Golden look

    This is a must-do manicure for those who love some golden allure in their appearance. Make your nails the perfect shiny addition to your festive outfit.


  • The 5 most popular hair colours for winter 2018

    We finally made our peace with the fall knits and we already have to deal with winter layering and waterproof boots. Quite unpleasant, right? In order to feel happier and comfier during the winter season to come, we suggest that you choose one of the top hair colours in our list and then pay a visit to your colourist as soon as possible!


    Caramel ombré, caramel balayage – it’s up to you, just keep the sweet ingredient in the palette. This hue is a perfect choice for dark brunettes.


    Sunflower blonde

    This warm yellow colour is anything but limited to those long summer days that we already miss so much. Brighten up your brown roots and feel the sun on your skin… pardon, hair.


    Cabernet sauvignon

    No, we’re not thirsty, we are just experimenting with trends and our latest research shows that the dark and deep wine shade can be perfect for Winter 2018, especially when combined with a burgundy lipstick.



    Imagine this: warm hands, warm heart, warm feet, warm feelings… What goes on top of that? An even warmer hair colour, that’s what. Chestnut brown is an awesome choice if you want to move on to highlights in the near future.


    Golden girl

    Speaking of highlights… how about golden ones? We’ve seen Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid and a few other real-life girlfriends wearing them and we can absolutely guarantee that you can do no wrong is you opt for that hairstyle.


    What does your hair colour say about you?

  • The best essential oils for hair

    As we know, generic shampoos and conditioners are filled with potentially harmful chemicals. Аdd the city pollution and frequent washes of your hair to the equation and you will understand the possible reasons for your damaged, dry or oily hair. These aggressors can easily strip your hair and scalp of the natural oils, which can lead to a dry itchy scalp, frizzy or brittle hair, and hair loss.

    While searching for healthy solutions in hair care, a good start are essential oils, whether you are looking to stimulate hair growth, get rid of dandruff or get stronger hair.


    Frizzy hair

    Frizzy hair is dry, fragile and damaged by the aggressive handling, environmental conditions and shampoos. Good solutions could be argan oil, coconut oil, lavender, geranium – they naturally condition your hair, help balance sebum (the natural oil on your scalp) production and prevent humidity absorption into the hair shaft. Try also rose, chamomile and sandalwood oils.


    The recipe: Add 10 drops of the essential oil to 1 tablespoon of jojoba, coconut or olive oil (or another carrier oil of your choosing), mix them with 250 ml of shampoo and use every day.

    Oils for prevention of hair loss

    Many studies have shown that essential oils are also very effective in cases of hair loss. For lasting results use rosemary, peppermint, lavender, cedarwood and clary sage essential oils for six months.


    The recipe: add 10 drops of rosemary and 5 drops of peppermint (or same proportion oils of your choice) to 250 ml shampoo or conditioner and shake to mix them well.

    Essential oils for hair growth

    Essential oils are also very helpful when it comes to hair growth: they stimulate your hair to grow thicker, shinier and faster. Use oils like lavender, horsetail plant oil, peppermint, rosemary, cedarwood, lemongrass and tea tree to grow your good looking hair faster.


    The recipe: Add some drops of the essential oil to your shampoo, mix them and use every day.

    Oily hair

    If you are challenged by an oily hair, the first thing you can do about it is to try shampooing less often. But one of these oils also could help you make it less oily: lemon, clary sage, peppermint, geranium, juniper. The oils manage oily hair by balancing sebum production on your scalp.


    The recipe: 1 tablespoon bentonite clay + 20 drops of essential oil mixed into your favourite shampoo.

    Get rid of dandruff

    Essential oils like tea tree, rosemary, lemongrass and peppermint are especially helpful for fighting dandruff.


    The recipe: Mix 20 drops of the essential oil with your shampoo or conditioner. You could also try an overnight hair mask with tea tree and peppermint essential oils.

  • The new old hairstyles for autumn 2018

    In case you haven’t heard, the ‘90s are back. And by that we don’t mean you need to fall in love with 80% of the members of a boy band. We are talking about style choices.

    And speaking of style, we have to focus on all the details: manicure, jewellery, handbags and the most important part – good hair days. Let’s see the top hairstyles for autumn 2018:

    Comb headbands

    You had one of those when you were… well, we’ll just put it that way: in the ‘90s. Our advice to you is to start searching for it right now, as it will be a huge trend for next season. Plus, it’s the perfect option to keep that flyaway hair out of your face.

    Side part + bobby pins

    If you are tired of the bangs you cut a couple of months ago and you’re now trying to grow it out, then you must be quite familiar with this old-school trick: side part + bobby pins (bobby pins are back in the game, you got that one right). You don’t need to keep that hairstyle for late evenings when you usually do the dishes – it’s absolutely allowed to sport it to work or even to a bar.


    Relaxed updos

    Strict hairstyles are old news, now we’re embracing the casual trends called un-done up-dos. How to get it? Tie your hair without putting too much effort trying to achieve perfection – a couple of falling strands never killed nobody, just the opposite – they made that nobody a stylish somebody 😉


  • Top 6 Summer Makeup Trends

    Although the hot summer days are not as hot as they should be, still one thing can stay on top of the hot summer wave and that is the makeup trends.

    Denim shorts, sweet cropped tops, and fashion swimsuits – this is the season to experiment the most with colours and cuts, which also means it’s time for a beauty change. It’s time to make things more playful, mystical and natural following these 6 summer makeup trends:


    All Natural
    This year, finally, we end the relationship with bold and blocky brows, aka Instagram brows. Contouring is becoming less heavy, while baby-fresh skin with barely-there makeup is coming in. It’s really simple to create the look – just add a touch of bronzer.


    Bright eyes
    Do we love them? Definitely. Free spirit and fresh air gently flow from the bright-lined eyes look. We saw them in the spring/summer fashion shows of Marni and Missoni. And according to the makeup artist Yuki Hayashi, the bright eyelids will be this summer’s biggest trend. That’s why you will see some of the cosmetic companies expand their colour palettes, showing you the fun side of beauty.


    Graphic Neo Liner
    It is time for a change even for the traditionalists. This summer we revamp the cat eye and from the classic and defined, we go towards rock-and-roll and individualism with smudged eyeliner.


    Orange Lids
    This is something unusual, but so fresh and joyful – marigold shade for stunning lids. Place a soft orange colour across the entire lid and you will get the perfect summer look.


    The bright shine of the night
    Metallic makeup with silver eyes and soft lips – the best look for a nightclub or… for a great show like Beyoncé’s Coachella performance this year.

    Galactic vision
    Not only is lip gloss back again, but it’s coming up with the glamour of glitter. For a bold and more mystical galactic vision, you could use the little sparkles on your cheekbones or eyelids.