• Makeup game

    The creative online tutorials that enrich women’s daily skincare and makeup procedures have revolutionised the beauty industry. Lots of brands have also launched useful makeup apps, but now you don’t have to look constantly from your smartphone to the mirror and back again.



    One of the latest innovative ways to refresh and improve women’s cosmetic routines is Morror, created by BackerPlanet. It’s a smart mirror that acts as а personal makeup assistant. The beauty gadget allows you to watch the makeup videos directly on its screen so you can learn useful skills and apply your makeup at the same time.

    The unique technology doesn’t only convert daily makeup routine in an amusing game. Morror’s analyzer shows your current skin condition and you can then start to apply appropriate products (yes, this function seems to be an effective advertising channel). The special mirror has also a pro-lux light system, which brings the perfect makeup lighting and detects every single detail of your skin.

    BackerPlanet is currently seeking funding and its Kickstarter Campaign allows customers to get a 5X magnifying mirror for free if they pre-order a Morror.

  • Best nail polishes for Spring 2018

    There is just a month left until the astronomical beginning of that long-awaited spring season.

    What are your associations with it?

    Let’s focus on colour!

    We already told you which were the dominant hues the previous hot season – Summer 2017. Now it’s time to have a look at the colour palette for Spring 2018!



    Truth be told, there is nothing classier than a set of glossy red nails. Who said classics are boring?

    Neutral shades (especially pale pink)


    Spotted during Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2018: Mugler, Antonio Berardi, Sophia Webster, Teatum Jones, Peter Pilotto.



    <<Ultra Violet>> might be the colour of 2018 (at least according to Pantone), but <<Ultra Purple Shades>> will be the choice for your nails during the spring break. Shiny violet + pale purple, orchid + mauve – it’s all up to you!

    Light blue


    Blue is the perfect colour for the transitional season to spring. It is associated with health and tranquillity – like a cloudless sky on a sunny day.

    speaking of sun…

    Sunshine yellow


    There is a new player in the game of nail polishes: that sunshine yellow hue which automatically adds more brightness to your day. That’s every day!

  • Gold jewellery from recycled computers?

    Did you know that electronics contain gold? For instance, Dell – one of the leading computer technology companies, uses over 3 tons of gold in its computers every year. Here is why it decided to team up with the jewellery brand BaYou with Love in order to create a special golden jewellery line.

    The rings, earrings and cuff links from the collection are made entirely from recycled computer parts. The “BaYou with Love x Dell” jewellery collection is made from gold recycled from Dell computers, extracted sustainably and ethically. All items are designed by actress Nikki Reed and made in Los Angeles.

    According to EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), around 12.5% of e-waste is recycled every year. That means 87.5% a.k.a. $60 million worth of gold and silver is thrown away each year. The company decided to implement that new recycling process in order to do something more interesting with the gold rather than just stockpiling it. Besides, that process of gold extraction is eco-friendlier than extracting gold from the ground with… 99%!

    Today we’re thrilled to reveal The Circular Collection by Bayou With Love and @Dell, our new 14-18 carat gold jewelry collection. The jewelry is designed by Nikki Reed and made in Los Angeles from gold responsibly extracted from used technology recovered from Dell’s recycling programs. Many people don’t realize that only 12.5% of electronics are responsibly recycled globally. The rest end up in landfills. Those gadgets contain valuable resources that can be recycled and upcycled, and Dell and their partners have a process for extracting gold in the U.S. that is 99% more environmentally friendly than extracting from the earth. Not to mention the ethical benefits by avoiding the harsh labor conditions where gold is so often mined. We all should be thinking “circular” in our approach to design. It’s simply a better way exist and we are proving that. The Circular Collection represents a beautiful world in which materials are constantly reused and repurposed and we strive for zero waste. Join the movement. @Dell #Dell #CES2018 #sustainabledesign #legacyofgood

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    The jewellery is now up for preorder and the prices range from 98$ for a pair or minimalistic earrings to 348$ for a pair of cufflinks.

    Check out the products here.

  • Beautiful hair during the winter

    Let’s face it: nothing ruins a splendid outfit like a bad hair day does. And even though spring storms, summer breeze and autumn rain are not a piece of cake, winter can be really tricky with all those scarves and layers that your hair must survive before facing the negative temperatures.

    Here are few easy tips that will help you (and you hair) in the difficult weeks to come.


    Take it easy with the fabrics

    The rule is simple: polyester fabrics tend to create more static electricity than wool, cotton, silk and other natural fibers. So keep that in mind when you buy your next winter scarf. In case you fall in love with a synthetic piece, you can glide a metal hanger over it to remove static electricity.

    Less hot, more water

    Hot water dehydrates your skin and your hair. So use warm, not hot water, otherwise your scalp will be dry and your hair – prone to breakage. Rinse all hair products with even cooler water.


    Special condition(er)s

    Hair conditioners or treatments with oil extracts will prevent the damage of your hair and heal damaged follicles. Voila – shiny hairstyle, no tangling.


    Not only do you risk getting a cold, but you also risk getting drier hair if you skip blow-drying before you leave the house. The physico-chemical explanation is that when the moisture from your hair combines with the cold air, the result is more brittle hair. Washing your hair too often is also a bad decision, so stay away from it.


    Add styling foam to the menu

    Static electricity usually appears if your hair is thick. One way to avoid it is to add a little styling foam (a.k.a. styling mousse). According to the top coiffeurs, when it comes to styling foam, less is more, so a pea-size blob will do.

    Wear a hat

    Yes, it does some damage to your fringe, but it will also keep your hair away from all the snow, rain, wind and reindeers 🙂


    Bonus tip: don’t forget about the usual trimming, regardless of the season! Brittle hair wastes both time and energy, plus it looks bad.

  • L’Oréal goes vegan

    L’Oréal, one of the biggest cosmetic companies in the world, announced that they are responding to the rapidly growing natural beauty trend by introducing to the market their very first vegan hair dye collection, which is 100% plant-based.

    The company was established over a century ago, in 1909, by Eugene Paul Louis Schuller, a young French chemist, who developed a special formula for hair dying called Auréole – the French word for “halo”. The name was inspired by a hairstyle, which was very popular in that specific century, and later it was changed to the brand as we know it – L’Oréal.

    The organic cosmetics trend has been driven by the rising number of young customers – the so called millennials – who reject chemical-based products in favor of plant-based ones.

    “We’ve managed to marry naturalness with a professional result without compromising on either point”, pointed out Marion Brunet, L’Oréal Professional International Manager.

    L’Oréal goes vegan

    The new product is called Botanea and will be introduced to the saloons in Europe in May 2018. It will be produced by selected plants from India.

  • Best nail polishes for Summer 2017

    It is time to pack your cosmetic bag for the beach, isn’t it? Let’s have a look at the different shades of nail polish that you should make sure to have for your stylish summer getaway.


    Classic red

    When in doubt, wear red.
    That quote originally belongs to Bill Blass (remember Bill Blass, the American fashion designer?), but it is just as logical now as it used to be back in the days. So once again: when in doubt, paint your nails in red! All shades of red are accepted, but if you want to jazz it up, go for bright orange – it’s cheerful, yet different.


    Summer blue

    Seriously, do we need to explain that one? It is the colour of the sky, the colour of the waves, the colour of most of the pictures in your Facebook news feed. Dare to experiment with the shades – maybe pick a pale one and mix it with glitter, or opt for some ocean depth and go for dark blue.


    Girly pink

    Pink is cute, pink is girly, every fashion gal loves it and therefore it’s a must-have for your summer cosmetic bag. As you already know, glitter is having its moment (again, as it did back in the 90s), so feel free to add a lustrous touch to your pinky nail polish.


    Fresh chartreuse

    In case you are wondering, that is the yellow, slash, green colour that reminds you of fields of fresh grass. There are two things that you probably don’t know about that hue:
    Number 1, it is named after the popular French liqueur Chartreuse (made since 1737).
    Number 2, it will look perfect on your nails during the summer. Give it a try!

    nail polishes

  • Top hairstyles for summer

    The days are longer, the sun is brighter and the time that we want to spend in front of the mirror every morning in order to get ready is less than it was a few months ago, because we all want to get to those sunrays as quickly as possible, don’t we?

    Here is why we collected a list of the top hairstyles for summer that not only look amazing, but won’t take you more than a couple of minutes. Enjoy!

    Romance in the bun

    Pull your wavy hair into a low bun, leaving a few loose strands. A pretty bobby pin or even a real flower can complete the lovely look.


    Messy ponytail

    What could be better for summer than a high ponytail? A high ponytail that is a bit (or maybe more than a bit) messy!


    Deep side part

    That one may sound deep, but it is actually quite simple – a slightly slanted side part is soft and smooth, plus it might create a dramatic effect.


    Accent braiding

    No matter if you choose a braid that keeps unwanted strands away from your face during the hot days, or a tiny one “nestled” in your hair –  braids are going to be your best friend one more time this summer season.


    Pixie cut

    Do we need to explain that hairstyle choice? It’s breezy, it’s easy, it’s sexy and it’s super trendy. Plus, it takes some courage to do it and we know you are a brave and sophisticated woman!


  • The No Makeup Look for Spring/Summer 2017

    The “no makeup” look isn’t exactly new backstage, but we can’t deny it’s having a moment all over again. With Kim Kardashian-West wearing (almost) no makeup on the Balenciaga front row and Alicia Keys continuing her decision to scrap cosmetics altogether, the no makeup look was on full display both on and off the catwalk.


    At Isabel Marant, Michael Kors and Proenza Schouler makeup was used only to cover marks or blemishes.


    Let’s have a look at the other subtle tweaks that were part of the runway during the fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris for Spring/Summer 2017.

    Vera Wang

    Soft definition and natural look with occasional pops of colour – pale pink shades on the lips: the contemporary grown up Pollyanna.



    The main vibe at Lacoste was completely bare. They tried to keep it clean, fresh and pure. And it worked!



    Desigual is the go-to brand when it comes to colour lovers. However, for its spring 2017 collection the makeup was in nude shades.



    Touch of bronzer on the cheeks made the looks polished and completed, perfect for your daily outfits.


    Cushnie et Ochs

    Pops of colour, again. The makeup artists went for colour blocking… on the lips! They used bold red on the upper lip and bright pink on the lower lip.


    Tory Burch

    The models looked sun kissed and very natural. The feeling? Urban, minimal and bare.