• Meet the brands: Hugo Boss, Yema, Replay, Tom Tailor, Jack & Jones

    This week we are glad to present more of our special outlet brands. Today on the fashion menu: Hugo Boss, Yema, Replay, Tom Tailor, Jack & Jones.


    Hugo Boss

    Created in 1924, Hugo Boss speaks the language of classic elegance which answers the demands of contemporary men and women with special attire for a luxurious lifestyle. The brand is part of the Hugo Boss Group and it’s recognizable thanks to its business line, as well as the impeccable quality and design.

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    Часовници Yama от remixshop.com


    Founded in 1948 by Henry Louis Belmont, Yema is a synonym for fine French watchmaking.One of Yema’s products was the first French watchsent into space, another one was the first watch that “went” on a pedestrian trek to the North Pole. It was also the official military watchof France’s Air Force pilots.

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    A modern look with a special character – that’s what Replay is all about. Since 1981, the brand has built its own lifestyle expression which combines innovation, Italian design, quality and authenticity and has been one of the leading names in the denim sector for more than 3 decades.

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    Tom Tailor

    The portfolio of the label Tom Tailor demonstrates that the everyday look can be stylish and classy, but also comfy and playful. The label offers casual wear and accessories for women, men and teens that are not afraid to show their individuality.

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    Jack & Jones

    Jack & Jones is the brand which dresses the contemporary man. The colours are simple but distinctive and the designs range from urban sportswear, casual classics and neat suits to accessories and footwear.

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  • The wristwatch – men’s all time source of fashion inspiration

    The wristwatch has been for decades now one of the most expensive accessories and one of the most desirable items in a man’s outfit. It represents one’s personality and social status and it can make a strong first impression regarding personal sense of style or, in some cases, the lack of it. You can feel it already, right? The watch is a tricky accessory to choose and wear and yet a proper one could become the perfect sidekick for any look.


    Some interesting facts about watches:

    The wristwatch was originally intended to be worn by women. The first wristwatch was created in the 16th century as a gift for the queen of England Elizabeth I. Back then, it was described as an arm watch. Men started to wear wristwatches significantly later – towards the end of the 19th century.

    Watches on window displays usually show 10 minutes past 10 and 10 minutes to 2 o’clock. These two positions of the clock hands are known as the Happy time. When the hands are set this way, it seems as if the clock is smiling and this happy face projects positivity to the observers/ clients.


    Komono watches from Remixshop.com

    Functionalities on watches such as water resistance, date display and moon phase are known as complications. Watches can have multiple complications in dive and pilot watches. However, dress watches have little or no complications other than simply showing the time.

    If you want to do it right, you have to consider the watch as an investment piece. Well-crafted and durable watches are often handmade and therefore very expensive. But higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality.


    The wristwatch is a timeless piece. Pick the best match for most of your outfits and needs, don’t just buy your watch following the current fashion trends.

    Speaking of timeless pieces, watches are great heirlooms. Not only that the old watch of your grandfather could be a really nice vintage fashion find but also its age and previous owner put additional value to it.

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  • Style Remix: Chris Evans

    Have you ever asked yourselves the question “What would Captain America do”? No? Truth be told, we haven’t done it either. But many Americans have. Belated happy birthday, Captain America, also known as Chris Evans!


    Christopher Robert Evans was born on June 13, 1981, in Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating from high school in his hometown, he moved to New York where he took theatre classes. 1997 was the year of his first appearance on television in the short film Biodiversity: Wild About Life! Seven years later, he was offered the leading role in the films The Perfect Score and Cellular.


    His first superhero role was in 2005 in Fantastic Four – a film based on the Marvel Comics (little we all knew back then, the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his life was just beginning).


    Chris co-starred alongside Keanu Reeves in Street Kings in 2008. He also appeared in two comic-book adaptations – The Losers in 2010 and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, also in 2010.

    The premiere of Captain America: The First Avenger was in 2011. Iron Man, Hulk and Thor joined him a year later, in 2012, for The Avengers. The next solo chapters for the Captain were Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. The entire crew gathered again for Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015, Avengers: Infinity War in 2018 and Avengers: Endgame in 2019.


    Apart from his superpowers, Evans is famous for his love for animals. While filming the title Giftedin a shelter, Chris adopted a dog. Just like that, he found it inbetween the scenes.


    Are you admiring the cap already?

  • Milan Menswear Fashion Week Fall 2019

    Four days, various locations, dozens of catwalks, hundreds of outfits on and off the runway – Milano Menswear Fashion Week (known officially as Milano ModaUomo) took place from 11th till 14th January this month and managed to amaze the visitors not only with the designers included in the schedule, but also with the ensembles that we saw on the streets of the Italian fashion capital.

    In case you are wondering which designers stole the hearts of the gentlemen and the ladies, we suggest that you take a look at the collections presented by Valentino, Tom Ford, Off-White and Givenchy.

    Now let’s have a look at some of the best outfits!



    Chunky scarves


    Puffer jackets


    Blue shades


    Accidentally-on-purpose messy hair


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    >> clothing
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  • Men’s Autumn/Winter 2018 Fashion

    Logos and patterns

    One of the most important things to learn about the latest trends in menswear for autumn/winter 2018 is that logos and patterns in your outfit are more than welcome. Pick your favourite brands and wear this bold and funky style with joy.


    Orange is the season’s colour

    If you haven’t noticed it already, orange is the brightest tone this year and it’s also the highlight in men’s fashion now. Orange jacket, scarf, bag, sweater or trousers – everything in this colour will fit well inside your wardrobe.



    Both for women and men, checks are a top fashion trend. As we saw in Alexander McQueen’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection – the checked style went from Scottish tartan to neo-aristocracy with all its glory.



    Cartoons are the fun side of menswear this autumn – all kinds of drawings and colours are allowed. Feel free to express your inner child with a cartoon sweater, jumper or jacket.


    The classics – leather coats

    We know that trend so well, don’t we? The luxury glamour of the leather coat is back again reaching new heights in the collections of Berluti, Hermès and Prada.



    Same as in womenswear, this year puts the lovely mini-bags in men’s outfits. The mini-man-bag is best worn around the neck and it’s the best travel partner,but also for everyday life.


  • Style Remix: Hugh Jackman

    It is officially the Libra month, and it’s time for some male presence in our Style Remix column, right? And if we’re going to talk about a certain man, we have to go for a strong and charming one, otherwise it’s just not worth it. Here is why today we’re celebrating the various talents of Hugh Jackman!


    The Greatest Showman was born in Sydney, in 1968. After he graduated from school, he spent a gap year working as Physical Education teacher (just imagine how cool it must be to have The Wolverine teaching you how to do push-ups!). After obtaining a bachelor degree in Technologies, he signed for “The Journey” – a one-year course in the Actor’s Centre in Sydney. After the course, he attended the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. On the night of his graduation performance there, Hugh received a phone call about a role in the Australian TV series Correlli. Technically, Jackman was unemployed only for a couple of hours.
    Here’s some of the productions which came next…


    1999: Paperback Hero

    2000: X-Man (various MTV Movie awards)

    2001: Kate & Leopold (Golden Globe award for Best Actor in Musical/Comedy)

    2004: Van Helsing


    2011: Real Steel (People’s Choice award for Favourite Action Movie Actor)

    2012: Les Misérables (Golden Globe award for Best Actor in Musical/Comedy and nominations for an Academy & BAFTA awards for Best Actor)

    2017: The Greatest Showman (Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in Musical/Comedy)


    In November 2008, Hugh Jackman was named that year’s “sexiest man alive”. We won’t be arguing with the strength of his physical appearance, we will simply add that he is also a strong philanthropist: he uses his Twitter account for charity, he is a global advisor of the Global Poverty project, he participates in events dedicated to climate change and the best part – his two children Oscar and Ava are adopted.


    A happy cheer for this type of human beings and a happy upcoming birthday to Hugh Jackman!


  • 5 unusual trends for men’s wardrobe in 2018

    It may be a well-known fact that most men don’t use trend guides or “don’t follow any fashion trends” because they think clothing is not such an important part of their lives. The truth is that almost every person on the planet is concerned about his appearance. Consciously or not. So if we look inside a man’s closet, we’ll see that each of the gentlemen has his own style. And sometimes it’s not that far away from the latest fashion trends.


    While you are wondering what could be different in men’s fashion, this year has some unexpected suggestions to share with us. We picked 5 unusual trends, which could actually be surprisingly cool!

    • Daddy Cool


    How cool is the Daddy Cool? It was a hit in 2017 and it’s continuing this tendency. With its relaxing and comfortable style Daddy Cool is a preferred style for the men. In 2018, the trend is appearing as loose, straight cut and light wash jeans, as well as other cosy clothes. Stay calm and be comfy!

    • Side-Stripe Trousers


    To be honest, this one was a really unexpected trend for us too. Stripes on both sides of trousers, jeans or shorts – not the thing you were thinking of this morning, right? But they could be a good match and a diversity for your casual collection of clothes in the wardrobe.

    • Shorter shorts


    Shorter and not only for the beach – here are the lovely men’s shorts. This year, designers are not ashamed to cut out as much of your jeans and trousers as needed. And if you are one of the men who aren’t afraid to be different, even if it means to have shorter shorts than the usual – do it! Take the chance to show some legs!

    • Tropical Print Shirts


    To be honest or not to be… Tropical printed shirts are not exactly the type of clothing everyone would wear. It’s all about the juicy colours contrasting with big bright flowers. Although it looks as easy as pie, this trend is maybe the trickiest one. Don’t overdress yourself, pick out tailored pieces and match the colours.

    • White socks up!


    Last but not least – white socks (!), which actually are the most predictable trend this year while we are on the wave of the 80’s. They appear to be a nice style upgrade for every man with a sense of style and a bit of humour. If you feel like this is the final touch for a perfect outfit – express yourself and be proud to wear your long white socks with any kind of trousers and jeans – long and short.

  • Style Remix: Ewan McGregor

    Tomorrow is an important day for one part of humanity: the ladies who like а Scottish accent, the movie critics who have to prove their opinion, the Irvine Welsh admirers and all the others who appreciate good acting. Tomorrow is the day that marks Ewan McGregor’s 47th birthday.

    Ewan McGregor

    Ewan McGregor was born in Perth (Perth, Scotland, not Perth, Australia) and raised in Crieff. He quit school when he was 16 years old and а few years later he moved to London where he studied drama at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.


    His first TV appearance was in the series Lipstick on Your Collar in 1993 (where he played the leading male character – not too shabby for a debut role, right?), and his first movie was Being Human in 1994. In the same year McGregor was casted for Shallow Grave, which was his first collaboration with director Danny Boyle.


    We all know of their second collaboration, don’t we? We’ll give you a hint: Choose life! Yes, we are talking about the youngsters’ favourite Trainspotting (1996) based on Irvine Welsh’s eponymous book. McGregor’s outstanding performance as Mark Renton won him an Empire award, as well as a BAFTA Scotland award.


    Among his other distinctive movies are Star Wars (episodes I, II and III), Moulin Rouge, Down with Love, Big Fish, The Island and The Ghost Writer. He made his director debut in 2016 with the drama American Pastoral.


    Ewan has been a motorcyclist ever since he was young. In 2004, he and his friend Charley Boorman created a documentary about their marathon international motorbike trip from London to New York. The trip covered 12 countries and its purpose was to raise awareness of a few UNICEF projects.


    In 2013 Ewan McGregor was appointed an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) for services to drama and charity. He and his wife, Greek-French production designer Eve Mavrakis, have been together for over 30 years now. The couple has four daughters, one of them adopted from Mongolia.


    Happy birthday, Ewan McGregor – may his lust for life be with all of us!


  • London Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2018 – street style

    From 5 to 8 January, the British capital hosted one of the major events in the fashion world for men: London Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2018.



    When it comes to street style, sometimes it can be more inspiring than a collection itself. Here is why we suggest you take a deep breath for that very first glance at the casual and not-so-casual looks sported on the streets of London.



    The new kind of checked patterns

    If Charlie from the Chocolate factory was interested in fashion, he would probably be willing to buy a checked blazer like that one. It is playful, it is sophisticated (in its very own way). Did we mention it is super cute?


    Puffer jackets

    As we already told you when we were collecting our winter must-haves, puffer jackets are here to stay with one additional feature: the bigger, the better.



    Bold brightness


    You know how there is such a thing as “too much red”? Well, you needn’t know it anymore, as there simply isn’t. Some of the best street style looks are proving that. While we’re on the subject, pink is not a girly colour since, like, forever and we can absolutely agree that sometimes a man can pull it off much better than a woman.





    Logomania is supposed to be one of THE trends of 2018. Where can we find the precious letters? Literally everywhere – on crossbody bags, earrings, shoes, even on accidentally-on-purpose showing underwear. You name it, the brands have it!



    And even though we also saw classic trench coats and tailored jackets, one thing is for sure: London Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2018 was anything but boring!