• Autumn/Winter 2018 colour report

    As we usually do when this time of the year comes, we take a look at the colour forecast for the cold months ahead of us. Our beloved ally when it comes to colourful predictions for clothing, shoes and accessories, Pantone, is helping us with the selection again:

    Red Pear

    Deliciously deep red, whose luscious depth entices.
    Item of the day: pointed booties


    Valiant Poppy

    Brave and outgoing red shade effusive in its allure.
    Item of the day: stylish handbag


    Nebulas Blue

    Reminiscent of twilight, a thoughtful, starry-eyed blue.
    Item of the day: oversized shirt


    Ceylon Yellow

    Savory and spicy yellow adds an exotic touch.
    Item of the day: short fluffy coat


    Martini Olive

    Smooth, sophisticated and urbane green adds depth to the Fall/Winter 2018 palette.
    Item of the day: long coat with straight cut


    Russet Orange

    This forest floor orange speaks to earthen warmth.
    Item of the day: staple accessories


    Ultra Violet (we already know about that one, this is for sure)

    Inventive and imaginative Ultra Violet lights the way for what is yet to come.
    Item of the day: coat, boots, skirt – literally everything


    Crocus Petal

    A cultivated and refined hue adds a light and airy spring-like feeling demand.
    Item of the day: midi dress



    Animated and effervescent, a pungent yellow-green becomes the centre of attention.
    Item of the day: flared trousers


    Quetzal Green

    A deep elegant blue-green hue suggestive of rich plumage.
    Item of the day: belt bag


    Have a look at our selection for next season and dare to experiment with colours!

  • It’s wicker season!

    You may not remember, but back in the days wicker was a strong fiber used for woven products such as chairs, small tables and baskets.


    That was the B.JB. era.
    Before Jane Birkin.



    In 1969, the movie La Piscine (The Swimming Pool) hits the theaters and a style icon is born: Jane Birkin. The image of Pénélope, the heroine portrayed by Jane, who casually sports her wicker bag around the French Riviera, will be remembered for a very long time from all fashion lovers around world.


    Now, a couple of decades later, wicker, rattan, straw and raffia and stronger, bolder and more ubiquitous than ever (at least when it comes to stylish choices). Here are a few proposals for your wardrobe and your home interior:

    Wicker bag – for the seaside, the countryside and the city-side of your life


    Wicker shoes – for breezy steps during that summer vacation that you’ve planned since last September


    Wicker hat – because, you know: it’s summer after all


    Wicker basket – for picnics on a meadow, but also for collecting books, magazines or even your toddler’s toys


    Wicker chair – for that villa on the French Riviera that you’ve always dreamt about… or least for its projection in your head


    Wicker placemats – because meals can be pretty hot… even on the terrace of your French villa 🙂


    It’s wicker season!

  • Sneakers – The New Luxury Shoes

    Most of us love sneakers with the comfort and variety of styles and colours they come in. Over the last few years, we have witnessed significant changes in the world of shoes. Not only that a lot of the ladies now are replacing high heels with the ease and freedom of flat sports shoes, but sneakers have become the new luxury shoes.


    People are dressing more and more casual and it’s widespread in all the strata of society. As a consequence, more brands like Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton are embracing the idea of sneakers as a key to the heart of the new generation of luxury consumers. With the increased interest in designer sneakers, brands also expand the number of sneakers on sale, diversifying price points and even moving their manufacture away from China.

    This turned out to be a smart move, which helped increasing sneaker sales by 10% last year. And while Adidas and Nike have dominated the sneaker sector with a lower price range for years, they left a market gap for luxury sneakers.


    Designer sneakers are a hit in the online sales as well. In April this year, Versace worked with the popular online marketplace Goat. The shop specializes in rare sneakers and Versace’s styles were sold out within the first 24 hours for the price of $920 per pair.

    Another luxury fashion website, Net-a-Porter, increased its sneaker sales from one-quarter to one-third of the total sales for 2017. And luxury sneaker sales grew by 50% in the first half of 2018 compared to the same period last year and thus the overall sales increased by 44%.


    The success of sneakers in the last years might be a little surprising and totally expected at the same time. “Sneakers aren’t a new product, it’s the customer who’s new” – shared the design director of Balenciaga shoes David Tourniaire-Beauciel. He is convinced that the customer is “looking for comfort, colour, technology and to be cool and elegant at the same time.” To him, it’s about mixing Manolo Blahnik with Nike.

    And of course, as luxury sneakers have gone mainstream, the market becomes saturated, therefore brands now have to work hard to stand out. The key to making a difference is to have a smart communication strategy rooted in building a culture of credibility.


  • Top 6 Summer Makeup Trends

    Although the hot summer days are not as hot as they should be, still one thing can stay on top of the hot summer wave and that is the makeup trends.

    Denim shorts, sweet cropped tops, and fashion swimsuits – this is the season to experiment the most with colours and cuts, which also means it’s time for a beauty change. It’s time to make things more playful, mystical and natural following these 6 summer makeup trends:


    All Natural
    This year, finally, we end the relationship with bold and blocky brows, aka Instagram brows. Contouring is becoming less heavy, while baby-fresh skin with barely-there makeup is coming in. It’s really simple to create the look – just add a touch of bronzer.


    Bright eyes
    Do we love them? Definitely. Free spirit and fresh air gently flow from the bright-lined eyes look. We saw them in the spring/summer fashion shows of Marni and Missoni. And according to the makeup artist Yuki Hayashi, the bright eyelids will be this summer’s biggest trend. That’s why you will see some of the cosmetic companies expand their colour palettes, showing you the fun side of beauty.


    Graphic Neo Liner
    It is time for a change even for the traditionalists. This summer we revamp the cat eye and from the classic and defined, we go towards rock-and-roll and individualism with smudged eyeliner.


    Orange Lids
    This is something unusual, but so fresh and joyful – marigold shade for stunning lids. Place a soft orange colour across the entire lid and you will get the perfect summer look.


    The bright shine of the night
    Metallic makeup with silver eyes and soft lips – the best look for a nightclub or… for a great show like Beyoncé’s Coachella performance this year.

    Galactic vision
    Not only is lip gloss back again, but it’s coming up with the glamour of glitter. For a bold and more mystical galactic vision, you could use the little sparkles on your cheekbones or eyelids.


  • 5 runway trends you’ll be wearing next season

    Let us guess what you’re thinking: the longest day of the year was just last week, the sun is shining, the summer holiday is planned, why bother to think about the wardrobe for next season?

    Let us tell you a little secret: you should give next season a thought, because the runway trends are already here, they are fabulous and they can already be seen on remixshop.com! This week, we launched our exclusive selection with top picks for Autumn/Winter 2018. Here are some of the trends which can be found in it…

    Double the dose

    Evidently, one piece of outerwear is simply not enough! For the cold seasons to come, fashion designers put warmth in front of glam and made it clear that there is nothing wrong with layering, even when that means combining two jackets or two coats in one outfit. Where did we see the trend? Givenchy, Marni, Alexander McQueen. What was the result? Cozy and comfy.

    Палто Weekend by Max Mara

    Weekend by Max Mara coat from remixshop.com

    Exotic prints

    Animal prints are back in the game – bolder, bigger and more furious than ever. In case you are a fan of animal prints and a fighter for animal rights at the same time, do not worry – even brands like Gucci ban fur in their collections, so there are plenty of options that look exotic without harming innocent animals.

    Палто Next от remixshop.com

    Next coat from remixshop.com


    Givenchy, Loewe, Saint Laurent and Missoni played with capes and opened a whole new aspect of them. They can be multicolour, monochrome, dramatic and/or sexy. There is only one important thing: to have one in your wardrobe!

    Пончо Weekend by Max Mara от remixshop.com

    Tommy Hilfiger cape from remixshop.com

    Silver sequins also known as Kira Kira

    Kirakira+ is an app that adds sparkles to your images; it is a trend for every blogger from every part of the world. It is also a trend when it comes to style picks for next season. A silver sequined dress might once have sounded like an outfit for casual spring cocktails, but times are changing and silver is entering the autumn-winter wardrobe at full speed! It was spotted on trench coats, dresses and jackets in the collections of Balmain, Giorgio Armani and Christian Dior.

    Яке Hugo Boss от remixshop.com

    Hugo Boss jacket from remixshop.com

    Big bags, big hugs

    Big bags are anything but new on the fashion map, but this year designers took them to the next level and put them right below the modern muses’ arms. So hug your bag and get ready to roll!

    Shop our special selection of over 50 000 autumn-winter products here!

  • Bold in minimalist details

    At a time of grand and rich detailing in clothes and accessories we embrace a break from them in the nail design.


    The minimalist shades are exactly what we were expecting to see this year after a long time of shininess and variety of embellishments on the nails. However, minimal details here don’t stand for boring. Exactly the opposite. That particular kind and diversity of elements, forms, combinations we haven’t seen in quite a while.

    #minimalistnails #nailsbylorilane #slcnails #shellac #cnd #solasugarhouse

    A post shared by Lori Lane Sartain (@nailsbylorilane) on


    A simple look with soft tones or with a lot of playful colours onto the nails? It’s up to your mood, vision and inspiration. And you can still be bold with this minimal vision. The simple look is often underrated, it’s not like it isn’t beautiful – of course, it is. The simplicity is colourful or it’s downright variegated in its rich minimalist forms. And so easy to implement!

    Just draw your favourite forms onto pale pink or you can use a beige nail base coat, put some geometry over your top coat nail polish or be creative by making some dots, an exclamation mark, a triangle, a colon and combine them all.

    #minimalistnails pro @kristynapolicek 💋#dekujemezesnamizdobitesvet

    A post shared by IMAGE by Regina 💋 (@imagebyr) on

    Take some inspiration from these minimalist ideas and don’t be afraid to express yourself and experiment with new ideas, tones and figures.

  • The dualistic nature of Spring 2018 colours

    Each colour brings a specific message and has the power to influence and change our moods or predispositions toward the world around us. And while colours continue to be the main influence for the fashion industry, designers are coming out with newer and more surprising colour combinations.


    Entering the spring season, usually characterized by vitality, tenderness and renewal in all its forms, the fashion shows are introducing one extraordinary colourful, yet romantic palette. Energetic and playful, strong and bold, charming and impishly smiling, gentle and nostalgic – these are the energies for 2018.


    Speaking of gentleness and nostalgia, here are the first four spring colours: pale pink, or the so-called Blooming Dahlia, with its romantic and subtle temptation, pale lilac (Pink Lavender), the Little Boy Blue color – a reminding call for the clear blue skies and, finally, the Almost Mauve with the unpretentious gentle touch of the unborn dawn. As Victoria Beckham said “Delicacy could be strong” and the delicate, bright shades are what we are looking for in this year’s hot season, BUT this is only half the story.


    On the other hand, we see exactly the opposite, dominant colours like: warm and bright yellow, expressive ultraviolet, burgundy, chocolate infused brown, fresh and playful red-orange, lime-yellow, old green with cold blue tones – everything in perfect contrast with the so-called basic colours. These dominants continue the idea of positivity, inspiration, confidence and passion with the quiet claiming side of romanticism.


    In addition, the “classic colours” for the spring of 2018, according to the PANTONE Fashion Color Trend Report, are: off-white, light gray, the light and unpretentious shade of beige, along with the strong male dark blue, which is the perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe checklist.


    We can summarize that the season will be remarkably dualistic in terms of colors, it will be bright, strong, noticeable, expressive, assertive, but also meticulous, gentle, romantic. All this comes from the starting point – namely, the strong presence and self-proclaiming of yourself, albeit sometimes in a delicate way, so you decide which side of your inner energy to highlight, be bold or be your pastel gentle force.

  • Trend of the year: denim (on denim)

    Truth be told, every year the trends in the fashion field become bolder, brighter, more audacious, more dynamic, more daring and more dazzling. At the moment, almost everything could be trendy, even some unusual combinations of styles, fabrics, prints and colours.

    That is the reason why we are starting a new column in our blog – a very special one, dedicated to the fashion trends that inspire us on a daily basis.

    In this blog post: denim (on denim).


    Desigual shorts from remixshop.com

    First, let’s see sоme basics…


    The denim jacket is a spring must for every fashionista’s wardrobe. Combine it with maxi dresses, shorts and midi skirts for elegant occasions.


    Sisley jacket from remixshop.com


    Is there anything more classic than a denim jacket for the spring season? There is only one such item and it is a pair of jeans.


    Levi’s children’s jeans from remixshop.com


    A denim skirt is the light alternative for your favourite pair of jeans – for instance, when the temperatures are high and you prefer to cover less.


    D&G skirt from remixshop.com

    And for the Grande Finale, we have the Grande Rihanna wearing denim on denim. #BadGalRiri looks as stylish and as bad as her Instagram account might suggest. Her wardrobe is unpredictable as usual, but there is no doubt one is always saying that in the best possible way.

    Dare to be inspired by her and take the denim trend to the next level!

    A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

    Shop here:

    >> Jackets

    >> Jeans

    >> Skirts

  • Shoes for the transitional season

    What is the definition of transitional season? That is the time in the middle of March, when the raindrops are finally making their way through the snow. We know that it’s still too early to welcome spring, especially given the last heavy snowfalls in Europe (even Rome saw snow for the first time in six years, did you know that?), but we are willing to prepare our wardrobe for it!


    Josephine from remixshop.com

    Here are the key pieces when it comes to footwear:


    Cuteness vs. comfort – now you can have both! Pick a style that is simple, yet sophisticated: white boots with bright lining might be the shoes that you are looking for!

    Dr.Martens от remixshop.com

    Dr.Martens from remixshop.com

    Heeled ankle boots

    Massive heels, kitten heels or platforms? Busy day at the office or that long awaited night out with your bestie? It’s actually up to you, but you have to own a pair of elegant ankle boots that are perfect for both occasions.

    Steve Madden от remixshop.com

    Steve Madden from remixshop.com


    Remember the athleisure trend (athletic + leisure, also known as the art of combining sporty pieces with casual or even elegant clothes) that suddenly appeared on the fashion map a few years ago and has been so popular ever since? Of course you do! So get a pair of cool sneakers and step into spring with sporty flair!

    Diadora от remixshop.com

    Diadora from remixshop.com

    Shop now:

    Shoes for Her  
    Shoes for Him 

  • Best nail polishes for Spring 2018

    There is just a month left until the astronomical beginning of that long-awaited spring season.

    What are your associations with it?

    Let’s focus on colour!

    We already told you which were the dominant hues the previous hot season – Summer 2017. Now it’s time to have a look at the colour palette for Spring 2018!



    Truth be told, there is nothing classier than a set of glossy red nails. Who said classics are boring?

    Neutral shades (especially pale pink)


    Spotted during Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2018: Mugler, Antonio Berardi, Sophia Webster, Teatum Jones, Peter Pilotto.



    <<Ultra Violet>> might be the colour of 2018 (at least according to Pantone), but <<Ultra Purple Shades>> will be the choice for your nails during the spring break. Shiny violet + pale purple, orchid + mauve – it’s all up to you!

    Light blue


    Blue is the perfect colour for the transitional season to spring. It is associated with health and tranquillity – like a cloudless sky on a sunny day.

    speaking of sun…

    Sunshine yellow


    There is a new player in the game of nail polishes: that sunshine yellow hue which automatically adds more brightness to your day. That’s every day!