• 4 items you must have in your winter wardrobe

    Now that you already know (thanks to us 😉 ) which were the essential items for your autumn wardrobe and autumn itself is almost gone, it is time that we all focus on the key pieces for the season to come.
    Here is a list of those 4 items you must have in your winter wardrobe.



    Where did we see them? Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, Prada and many more. A coat with checked pattern may sound a bit old-school, but when paired with boots over the knee, you will be considered a contemporary bohemian. So try it!


    Miss Sixty from remixshop.com

    Oversized turtleneck


    Imagine your favourite person in the whole world. Is it your sister, boyfriend or bestie? Now imagine a warm hug from that special someone. Amazing, isn’t it? As it is quite hard (not impossible, but hard) to be hugged 24/7, we recommend that you get one of those oversized turtleneck sweaters. It is the closest thing to a warm winter hug, we promise that!


    Banana Republic from remixshop.com

    Puffer jacket


    Puffer jackets have been a huge trend for some time now. There is just one small difference this time: the length. Unlike couple of years ago when it was trendy to wear a short jacket and combine it with massive sweater, this season both designers and fashionistas prefer long jackets and a little less layers underneath.

    Missfofo от remixshop.com

    Missfofo from remixshop.com

    Sporty V-neck


    When you happen to have a day off or you decide to hit the local handmade bazaar during the weekend, a sporty V-neck is all you need. Opt for a sweater or cardigan with similar neckline and dare to explore the city.


    Diesel from remixshop.com

  • Winter wardrobe necessities

    Winter is almost ON the table, we can feel the fresh air outside and we are also waiting for the snow to come. Instead of constantly shivering on the way to work and back, we have another option for you: don’t let the cold embrace your heart and prepare a warm and stylish welcome for those unpleasant “below”-degrees!

    Here are the must-haves for your winter wardrobe:

    Is it a scarf, is it a blanket?


    Fabric: soft!
    Size: 150 x 150 cm at least!
    We are talking about more than a scarf here. This is a product that wraps you around with a specific gentle and warm feeling, no matter if you are sporting it around the streets, at the office or in that comfy chair in your favourite bistro. We saw that oversized item in many runways this season – you better hurry to add it to your winter wardrobe!


    On top of your Hat!


    Make a statement with your hat. It is the one item that completes your winter look and, luckily for everyone, this season it comes in a great variety of styles. Knitted with a fluffy pompon or a fedora hat in a bold colour and sparkling decorations? It is all up to you!


    Oh my… bag!


    There is no doubt: a true lady cannot be without the natural addition to her hand. No, we are not talking about your smartphone, but about your favourite bag.
    Even though winter is usually associated with oversized bags in earth hues – brown, beige, camel, grey, taupe – that you can put everything in, even the scarf/blanket, there is still a small exception that we know you will like: the cute evening clutches that are perfect for #girlsnightout!

    Twój zimowy niezbędnik

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  • Cocktail dresses for every figure

    The festive season is upon us and so are the Christmas office parties. Therefore, you will be needing a cocktail dress – let’s choose it according to your figure!

    First of all: a gentle reminder that each self-respecting woman should have at least two flawless evening gowns. And at least one of them should be comfortable enough to spend the whole evening wearing it.

    Each one of us is different – we have different characters, different attitudes, different hair colour and, of course, different figures. Here are some specifics for each body shape – bear them in mind when you shop for your next cocktail dress!

    1.  Hourglass figure
    An A-line dress with wrapped design will draw the focus to your waist without adding extra volume to other parts of your body. You can pick a sleeveless style or one with long sleeves for a more formal gathering.


    2. Pear figure
    Strapless dresses are the go-to option here. They will draw the attention to your bust and shoulders. Flared cuts are also a right choice, as they will hide the lower part of your body. Plus, there are many festive styles available.


    3. Rectangle figure
    You have to dress not only to impress, but also to create more curves. We definitely recommend a colour block design, where the two colours meet at the waist area, or even a combination of a bright skirt and an elegant blouse – sophisticated and feminine.


    4. Petite figure
    That figure is so popular nowadays, that some of the brands even have separate clothing lines for the petite female representatives. Pencil shaped cuts will emphasize your body, just stay away from anything with a defined waistline. Oh, and don’t forget the high heels!

    Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

    Have a look at our selection and find the dress you are dreaming of!

  • More glitter this autumn

    During the past few seasons, the glitter-shimmer-sequins trend became more and more popular amongst the fashionistas. We can assure you that next year it is going to be even bigger, given the fact the designers continue to create different combinations. Let’s have a look at some of them.


    Casadei from remixshop.com

    Sparkling shoes

    Metallic hues are here to stay and they will help you shine bright like a diamond! What styles should you wear? There are simply no limitations. Silver booties with buckles or classic stilettos? Make your choice.


    Topshop from remixshop.com

    Sparkling dress

    If you ask most little girls how they imagine Cinderella’s dress, we are positively sure their answer will be “Sparkling!” Are you wondering why? Because that is how a princess is supposed to look, of course! Opt for a dress with glitter, sequins or rhinestones and we guarantee at least one charming prince will want to dance with you the whole night!

    Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

    JS Boutique from remixshop.com

    Sparkling jacket

    The runway shows that inspired us for it? Well, it is a long list, but let’s start with Chanel, Lacoste andComme des Garçons.


    Hugo Boss from remixshop.com

    Sparkling bag

    This will be a lovely accent so just go for it! Amongst our personal favourites are the small clutch bags that are the perfect finish for a more glamorous look.


    Karl Lagerfeld from remixshop.com

    Sparkling lips

    You may find it bizarre, but on the fashion map you will find more and more sparkling… lips! The make-up experts prove us right and so do many designers and fashion enthusiasts.

  • 4 items you must have in your autumn wardrobe

    Did you put the bathing suits in the “other wardrobe” already? Now it’s time to prepare the daily autumn essentials. Let’s talk smart buys!

    1. Sweater weather

    Processed with VSCO with fp1 preset

    When it comes to sweaters, the rule is more than simple: cosy, comfy and fluffy. We can add one more: bright! Autumn is the most colourful of all seasons, so we say you get a sweater in bright red, bright pink, bright yellow or even bright green.

    2. High waisted skirt


    The proper fabric will bring additional warmth to your daily look. Wool, alpaca, fur, velvet or corduroy – we are sure that you already wear these fabrics on sweaters, cardigans and jackets, so why not try them on a high waisted skirt?

    3. Kinky boots

    Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

    Wide fits, booties with as many buckles as possible, over-the-knee boots… the list has not changed much since the last autumn/winter season, but there is no such thing as too many shoes, is there? Have a look at our selection and step into November with style.

    4. Stylish hat

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    Sometimes a single accessory can make a more significant impression than the whole outfit. Our suggestion is that you invest in a stylish hat . What is trendy now? Classic fedoras, cute berets with embroideries and knitted beanies.

  • Autumn 2017 bags guide

    What bag will you be carrying this autumn season? And how are you going to carry it? We collected a list of the most wearable bags (and the hottest trends, of course) for the months to come.

    Timeless classics

    чанта през есента

    Christian Dior

    What is the first colour that comes to your mind when you hear the words “timeless elegance”? Black? We knew it! Good news, classics lovers: black finds its very own territory on the fashion map… as it always has!

    Saint Lauren от remixshop.com

    Saint Lauren from remixshop.com

    Autumn in a bag (literally)


    Tory Burch

    On the opposite angle of the timeless classics mentioned above, we find those bright treasures. Feel free to mix and match all the hues that you can think of – autumn has it all, and so can your handbag!

    Sara Battaglia от remixshop.com

    Sara Battaglia from remixshop.com

    Raw elegance


    Victoria Beckham

    Victoria Beckham is the leading lady when it comes to raw elegance. Even though she never smiles, the ex-Spice Girl (is there such a thing as an “ex-Spice Girl”? We do believe the following: once a Spice Girl, always a Spice Girl…) has a taste for minimalistic designs.

    Michael Kors от remixshop.com

    Michael Kors from remixshop.com

    Mind the edges


    Thom Browne

    Rectangular-shaped bags have been a trend for a while now, but this season the designers seem to have an even stronger craving for them. We’ve seen such items at Thom Browne, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein Collection and Jason Wu.

    Ted Baker from remixshop.com

    Ted Baker from remixshop.com

    Check out our selection of bags for more fashion inspiration!

  • Platform sandals and how to wear them

    The platform trend may be huge at the moment, but its history goes back in the days. In the 15th century, people in Venice wore similar shoes designed for a functional goal: to avoid wet feet when the pavement was flooded from the canals that cross the whole city.

    In the early 1930s,the German designer Moshe Kimel went from Berlin to Los Angeles and opened up a store factory. He was the man who designed the first modern version of the platform shoe as we know it. It was made for the actress Marlene Dietrich.


    In the middle of the 60s platform shoes were widespread in Europe and they were worn by both women and men, but their popularity diminished by the 80s. It was in the early 1990s when Vivienne Westwood re-introduced the high heeled platform shoes on the fashion map. They went closer to the mainstream fashion, especially thanks to the bandThe Spice Girls – the four ladies enjoyed giving performances wearing massive platforms.


    During the late 2010s, the trend re-established itself and now every fashion lover among us has in her wardrobe at least one pair of platform sandals that is perfect for various occasions.

    Here are the top 4 platform sandals for the rest of the summer days:

    1. Cork sandals


    U.S. Polo Assn. sandals from remixshop.com

    2. Wedge platforms


    Promod sandals from remixshop.com

    3. Covered platforms


    Justfab sandals from remixshop.com

    4. Monochrome platforms


    Even&Odd sandals from remixshop.com

  • Best nail polishes for Summer 2017

    It is time to pack your cosmetic bag for the beach, isn’t it? Let’s have a look at the different shades of nail polish that you should make sure to have for your stylish summer getaway.


    Classic red

    When in doubt, wear red.
    That quote originally belongs to Bill Blass (remember Bill Blass, the American fashion designer?), but it is just as logical now as it used to be back in the days. So once again: when in doubt, paint your nails in red! All shades of red are accepted, but if you want to jazz it up, go for bright orange – it’s cheerful, yet different.


    Summer blue

    Seriously, do we need to explain that one? It is the colour of the sky, the colour of the waves, the colour of most of the pictures in your Facebook news feed. Dare to experiment with the shades – maybe pick a pale one and mix it with glitter, or opt for some ocean depth and go for dark blue.


    Girly pink

    Pink is cute, pink is girly, every fashion gal loves it and therefore it’s a must-have for your summer cosmetic bag. As you already know, glitter is having its moment (again, as it did back in the 90s), so feel free to add a lustrous touch to your pinky nail polish.


    Fresh chartreuse

    In case you are wondering, that is the yellow, slash, green colour that reminds you of fields of fresh grass. There are two things that you probably don’t know about that hue:
    Number 1, it is named after the popular French liqueur Chartreuse (made since 1737).
    Number 2, it will look perfect on your nails during the summer. Give it a try!

    nail polishes

  • How to choose the perfect swimwear for your next vacation

    Yes, July is definitely one of the busiest months… when it comes to people traveling to reach their long-awaited summer destinations. We know some of your friends have already caught enough vitamin D, and we guess that in your office calendar there are few days dedicated to the sun too.

    Every year top designers and favourite celebrities start sporting incredible swimwear that we secretly wish to be packing in our own suitcase. Let’s have a look at the trends for the beloved season: the swim season!

    The One-Piece
    We already shared with you some interesting trivia about that type of bathing suit. Now we have another curious piece of information for you: the one-piece is having a moment right now and you should add one in your wardrobe essentials. While cut-outs everywhere might not seem like a good idea, side seams with rings and laces definitely are.


    Walford swimsuit from remixshop.com

    The bright prints
    Summer calls for: travel, freshness, cocktails, sun and emotions. One more thing we should add to that list? Colour! Whether you choose rainbow stripes or neon green dots, a multicolour explosion is nothing but the perfect choice for the season.

    The retro romance
    Imagine Marilyn Monroe on the beach. There is absolutely no way that she does not look sexy and cool, right? And what more-Marilyn than a vintage swimming suit with pink stripes and a cute ribbon in front? High-waisted bikinis are also more than welcome.


    Marc O’Polo swimsuit from remixshop.com

    Have a look at our special selection of swimwear here!

  • The No Makeup Look for Spring/Summer 2017

    The “no makeup” look isn’t exactly new backstage, but we can’t deny it’s having a moment all over again. With Kim Kardashian-West wearing (almost) no makeup on the Balenciaga front row and Alicia Keys continuing her decision to scrap cosmetics altogether, the no makeup look was on full display both on and off the catwalk.


    At Isabel Marant, Michael Kors and Proenza Schouler makeup was used only to cover marks or blemishes.


    Let’s have a look at the other subtle tweaks that were part of the runway during the fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris for Spring/Summer 2017.

    Vera Wang

    Soft definition and natural look with occasional pops of colour – pale pink shades on the lips: the contemporary grown up Pollyanna.



    The main vibe at Lacoste was completely bare. They tried to keep it clean, fresh and pure. And it worked!



    Desigual is the go-to brand when it comes to colour lovers. However, for its spring 2017 collection the makeup was in nude shades.



    Touch of bronzer on the cheeks made the looks polished and completed, perfect for your daily outfits.


    Cushnie et Ochs

    Pops of colour, again. The makeup artists went for colour blocking… on the lips! They used bold red on the upper lip and bright pink on the lower lip.


    Tory Burch

    The models looked sun kissed and very natural. The feeling? Urban, minimal and bare.