• One billion trees in 2028

    Deforestation has been a huge issue during the past decade. The fires all around the world are not making things easier. Here is why we should think of innovative ways to protect and nurture Mother Nature the same way she is protecting and nurturing us.


    A Canadian company has a very cool solution and it includes drones as leading characters. Flash Forest is the name of the team of scientists whose new initiative aims to plant a billion new trees by 2028 using drones that carry the seeds.

    The team quotes the International Panel on Climate Change – according to the information, we have 10 years to reverse climate change and prevent catastrophic effects on our species and civilization. In 2018, 34 billion tons of CO2 werereleased in the atmosphere. Planting trees is the fastest and cheapest way to reduce carbon.


    The test flight for Flash Forest was during August last year and the result was successful planting of 100 trees. The Canadian scientists confirm that their drone system can plant trees ten times faster than a human worker can. Another advantage is the cost which is 20% cheaper. If the team works at full capacity, it has the potential to plant 100 000 seed pods per day.


    We do believe one billion trees is a doable goal for 2028, do you?

  • Best Christmas Ads in 2019

    You know what they say about Christmas: ‘Tis the season to be jolly… and to enjoy the festive Christmas ads that some of the most popular brands have prepared for us.

    Before we continue to the list, we have to prep you: Heathrow’s adorable teddy bears are not part of it this year. Don’t judge them – celebrities need a break sometimes, in their case it’s a well-deserved one.

    Christmas delivery

    Tesco’s Christmas ad celebrates their 100 years in business and goes back in the past to deliver the future. Are you confused? Have a look at the video and check out the delivery driver making curtseys while delivering yummy treats throughout the past century – from Winston Churchill to rave parties.


    What is love?

    Burberry tries to answer a simple question: What is love? The festive campaign features a list of celebrities including Carla Bruni. The message is simple and celebrates the essence of love at this special time of year – those who make you happy, lift you up and bring you joy. Oh-là-là!


    Sing along

    Amazon places us in a brighter place – one where everyone is singing. And by “everyone”, we mean kids, grannies, musicians, people in the public transport and parcels. Yes, parcels. And they laugh, too 😉


    All along
    “The Hoodie” (that’s a GAP hoodie by the way) tells the story of a young fellow and the relationship with his mother. The ad teaches us one thing: it’s the thought that counts. Do you agree?


    Silence the critics

    At IKEA, they believe that with a little imagination and some useful products and ideas, there’s no reason not to host a Christmas dinner. That’s the brand’s first-ever festive advert. Shall we give them 10 points and a store visit in the near future?


    Jump around

    Yes, it is the name of a House of Pain tune from 1992, but It is also the soundtrack to M&S’ Christmas 2019 advert. As the name suggests, jumpers are jumping all around. We are loving it!

    Be honest: which ad did you play on repeat?

  • Hello, pumpkin season!

    The pumpkin season is finally upon us with all the pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin-patch-insta-feeds out there.

    Here are a few pumpkin recipes you can try in November. We promise that your Instagram feed won’t be disappointed!

    Pumpkin muffins

    You can have those sweet and good looking treats in less than 40 minutes (15 for the prep and 25 for the baking).



    >> flour
    >> pumpkin puree
    >> sugar
    >> eggs
    >> ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger
    >> butter
    >> unsweetened almond milk

    Pumpkin pasta 

    When we’re talking about pasta, it’s all about that sauce and you know it! This one is creamy and delicious and you can have it with different types of pasta: fettuccine, penne, spaghetti – you name it.



    >> pumpkin puree
    >> olive oil
    >> garlic
    >> your favourite type of pasta
    >> butter
    >> parmesan cheese
    >> salt

    Pumpkin cocktail

    You can make a virgin version of the same cocktail by excluding the rum. We don’t see why you would do that, but it’s an option after all, no judging.



    >> dark rum
    >> pineapple juice
    >> pumpkin puree
    >> honey
    >> vanilla extract
    >> cinnamon

  • National Pasta Day

    We don’t need one day to celebrate the art of pasta. But since it’s National Pasta Day, it’s a good time to learn some trivia about the origin, shape and traditional recipes of your favourite dough.



    According to the International Pasta Organization, in 2014 were produced over 14 million tons of pasta worldwide. As one can imagine, Italy is on top of the list with 3 million tons and 25 kg per capita.


    Tomato makes pasta red, pumpkin makes it orange, spinach makes it green. In case you don’t know, the dramatic colour of black pasta is achieved thanks to the ink of cuttlefish & squids.



    This type of paste resembles a small ear, and that is exactly what “orecchiette” means in Italian. It is typical for Southern Italy.

    Perciatelli = bucatini

    Perciatelli and bucatini are both names given to thin hollow tubes of pasta. They can also be used for sustainable drinking – perciatelli make for a great cocktail straw!


    Badly cut pasta

    It sounds much worse that the actual product. This type of pasta is actually called “maltagliata” (Italian for “badly cut”). It is principally used in soups and it is made from scraps of dough (usually for tagliatelle) cut into triangles.

    Pasta reale

    It may sound like a real pasta, but paste reale is actually a paste similar to marzipan made from almonds, egg yolks and sugar. What we’re trying to say: don’t order it as a main dish at a restaurant!



    Gnocchi are soft dumplings which can be made from flour and potatoes, but also rice, ricotta, bread crumbs, herbs, pumpkin and even prunes.

    Tortellini vs. tortelloni

    Tortelloni are bigger than tortellini. The suffix –one adds volume in Italian.

    How do you like your pasta?

  • 5 interesting facts about coffee

    As yesterday was the international coffee day, we decided to collect a list with some of the most interesting facts about that magical liquid.


    Consumption: Finland

    According to the International Coffee Organization, Finland is the country that drinks the most cups of coffee per capita. In top 5 are also Norway, Iceland, Denmark and the Netherlands.


    Export: Brazil

    According to the same organization, Brazil is the biggest coffee exporter with more than 2500 millions of kilos exported each year.


    Coffee athletes

    Speaking of Brazil, it has a very cute coffee story: during the Great Depression, Brazil couldn’t afford to send its athletes to the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. That’s why the athletes sold coffee along the way in order to “fund” the trip.


    Coffee ban

    During the 16thcentury, several coffee bans were imposed in Mecca. The reason: it was believed that the drink stimulates radical thinking. Perhaps that is why we love it so much?


    Cats and coffee

    You might find it bizarre, but miss Creme Puff, also known as the “Oldest Cat Ever” according to the Guinness World Records, drank coffee every morning and lived for 38 years.


    Still wondering about that second cup?

  • Royal Warrants

    You know that you can add the items that you like on remixshop.com to your Favourites list, right? Did you also know that the Royal Family is allowed to do the same thing? Well, almost the same. Let’s see what Royal Warrants are.


    “A Royal Warrant of Appointment is a mark of recognition of those who have supplied goods or services to the Households of Her Majesty The Queen, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh or His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales for at least five years, and who have an ongoing trading arrangement. The Monarch decides who may grant Royal Warrants. These are known as the Grantors: HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales.“

    So let’s have a look at some of the most interesting Royal Warrants out there:

    shutterstock_691739383shutterstock_1290003562 shutterstock_1276262746

    Heinz Foods
    Mayo is bad for you. Say whaaat? It has a Royal Warrant. Therefore – good for you.

    Angostura’s Bitter
    It’s no secret that The Queen enjoys having a good drink for lunch. And by drink, we mean gin, not Earl Grey tea. So no wonder we are adding bitters tothe list.

    Bacardi Martini
    And in caseyou thought that bitters were the only alcoholic drink, think again. There is vermouth too.

    John Walker & Sons
    And there is scotch whisky.

    We are sure that Twinings is everything but unusual holder of a royal warrant. We simply had toinclude it.

    James Purdey & Sons
    The British gunmaker is a royal weapon of choice. Helps for self-defence (in case those Windsor walls of 30 metres are not enough).

    Gordon’s Gin
    Did someone say enough with the alcoholic beverages?

    If you were a member of the Royal Family, what would you like to include in the winners’ list?

  • World record: 350 million trees in a day

    What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the name Ethiopia? Africa’s oldest independent country? Good coffee? Living Gods? Dancing shoulders?


    That is all old news. From now on, the first thing that pops into your head when you hear “Ethiopia” will be the latest world record achieved by the country: 350 million trees which were planted in a day (12 hours, to be precise).


    “Green Legacy” is a national reforestation campaign. In order to restore the landscape of their country, Ethiopians managed to plant over 350 million trees in 12 hours. This a new world record; the country that previously achieved such a record was India in 2017 for 66 million trees – a number which now looks quite insignificant.


    Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that 2.6 billion trees have already been planted. The main idea behind “Green Legacy” is 4 billion trees by October.

    Ambitious and yet believable!

    Световен рекорд

  • The TV series everyone is crazy about

    We know, we know – summer days and nights are not the time to stay home and watch Netflix or HBO. But there are so many interesting TV series that everyone is crazy about at the moment and we decided to spread the (screen) joy, just in case. In what case, one might wonder? If you want to decline tomorrow’s cocktail date with your besties… or if you decide to move it to your place. Those are just the first hypotheses which come to our mind, we are sure you can think of more.

    Stranger Things

    Do we have to tell you why we’re including it? It’s an absolute hit, it’s in all popular stores’ collections. It’s a thrill and it can even make you chill, especially if you’re armed with a bowl of popcorn AND a weapon against supernatural forces.


    The miniseries shows all the details (or at least some of them) around the nuclear disaster near Pripyat from 1986 which causedmany deaths and injuries and had severe effects on humanity.

    Big Little Lies

    The most girly story in our list. The series introduces a few rich and gorgeous women (just to get the impression: Reese Witherspoon, Zoë Kravitz, Nicole Kidman) who all live in the tranquil beachfront town of Monterey, California. Oh, and who all are somehow involved in a murder!

    The Crown

    The drama series chronicles Elizabeth II’s life as a monarch and gives you answers to many questions: why royals always have a black outfit in their luggage, what is The Great Smog of London and how accurate is Claire Foy’s choice for the role of The Queen.


    “A comedy series adapted from the award-winning play about a young woman trying to cope with life in London whilst coming to terms with a recent tragedy.”

    Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s heroine is brilliant. Simply brilliant. We promise.

    Are you sure you have plans to go out tonight?

  • Happy French Fries Day

    There is something gloriously magical about the French Fry – crispy, crunchy, salty, flavourful and downright delicious. Yet, we are so often told by health gurus to stay away from them, each time we choose to indulge, the inevitable guilt trip follows, ruining the entire experience. Bad or not, July 13th is the International French Fries Day and the time to give them some well-deserved praise.


    The French and the Belgians have long disputed the origin of the fry, though we have to give it to the Belgians for elevating french-fry-eating to a whole new level of awesomeness with their friteries – fast food heavens, serving fries with huge selections of dips and condiments.


    All over the world you will find various interpretations of the fry, either as a stand-alone or as a sidekick. The Britsh love it with fish in their classic fish & chips combo. The Spanish prefer it in a tapas format, called patatasfritas or patatasbravas, both of which go down brilliantly with lots of wine and chitchat. The Canadians take pride in their “poutine” (pronounced just like the Russian president, oddly enough), which consists of fries in cheese curds and gravy sauce. Something rather similar is the Chilean Chorrillana – fries topped with meat and fried eggs in a massive portion for sharing with someone you like just enough to give your fries to.

    Dnia Frytek

    If there is one day in the year when you can enjoy your fries completely guilt-free, it should be on their International Holiday, July 13th. So go ahead, we dare you, and do it in your favourite way – with or without fish, covered in cheese, dipped in mayo or flooded in ketchup, with a burger or just as they are: plain and divine. And maybe shared with someone close.

  • Independence Day menu

    We may not be celebrating the USA’s Independence Day on 4th of July, but we have a thing for those family gatherings all Americans enjoy so much.

    If you need a reason to have one such garden party, you will need a special menu. We have some proposals for you. Veggie lovers, at the end of the menu there are treats for you too.


    An authentic barbeque just won’t do without burgers! Classic cheeseburgers with or without bacon are the way to go.


    Hot dogs

    Hot dogs are also a must. In order to crank them up a notch, add some pineapple salsa. It’s super easy to make: mix pineapple, chili peppers, red onion, salt and black pepper.



    Prepare some garlic powder, black pepper, salt and barbeque sauce. Back to ribs, back to the country life!


    Chicken wings

    Make them hot & spicy and add some homemade fries or coleslaw salad with cabbage and carrots.


    Macaroni & cheese

    One of the most American meals out there. You need curved (elbow) macaroni, butter, flour, cheddar cheese, salt and milk in order to make a creamy and dreamy version of the mac & cheese.


    Classic potato salad

    >> potatoes, corn, mayonnaise, red onion, mustard, pickles, lemon juice, boiled eggs


    Grilled corn

    Bacon-wrapped, cheddar-topped, barbeque-dipped. Don’t be afraid of any ingredients.


    You are ready for a tasty celebration!