• Bold in minimalist details

    At a time of grand and rich detailing in clothes and accessories we embrace a break from them in the nail design.


    The minimalist shades are exactly what we were expecting to see this year after a long time of shininess and variety of embellishments on the nails. However, minimal details here don’t stand for boring. Exactly the opposite. That particular kind and diversity of elements, forms, combinations we haven’t seen in quite a while.

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    A simple look with soft tones or with a lot of playful colours onto the nails? It’s up to your mood, vision and inspiration. And you can still be bold with this minimal vision. The simple look is often underrated, it’s not like it isn’t beautiful – of course, it is. The simplicity is colourful or it’s downright variegated in its rich minimalist forms. And so easy to implement!

    Just draw your favourite forms onto pale pink or you can use a beige nail base coat, put some geometry over your top coat nail polish or be creative by making some dots, an exclamation mark, a triangle, a colon and combine them all.

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    Take some inspiration from these minimalist ideas and don’t be afraid to express yourself and experiment with new ideas, tones and figures.

  • Best nail polishes for Summer 2017

    It is time to pack your cosmetic bag for the beach, isn’t it? Let’s have a look at the different shades of nail polish that you should make sure to have for your stylish summer getaway.


    Classic red

    When in doubt, wear red.
    That quote originally belongs to Bill Blass (remember Bill Blass, the American fashion designer?), but it is just as logical now as it used to be back in the days. So once again: when in doubt, paint your nails in red! All shades of red are accepted, but if you want to jazz it up, go for bright orange – it’s cheerful, yet different.


    Summer blue

    Seriously, do we need to explain that one? It is the colour of the sky, the colour of the waves, the colour of most of the pictures in your Facebook news feed. Dare to experiment with the shades – maybe pick a pale one and mix it with glitter, or opt for some ocean depth and go for dark blue.


    Girly pink

    Pink is cute, pink is girly, every fashion gal loves it and therefore it’s a must-have for your summer cosmetic bag. As you already know, glitter is having its moment (again, as it did back in the 90s), so feel free to add a lustrous touch to your pinky nail polish.


    Fresh chartreuse

    In case you are wondering, that is the yellow, slash, green colour that reminds you of fields of fresh grass. There are two things that you probably don’t know about that hue:
    Number 1, it is named after the popular French liqueur Chartreuse (made since 1737).
    Number 2, it will look perfect on your nails during the summer. Give it a try!

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