• Shoes for Summer 2019

    We are pretty sure you still have (at least) one more vacation on the list. Even if you planned to spend it near the seaside, you will probably need a nice pair of shoes for the long beach walks, for cocktail hours or for fancy dinner dates, right?

    No worries, we have selected some of the best shoes for summer 2019 for you!

    For coastal walks

    Perhaps the most comfortable choice for those will be a pair of sneakers. Just keep your flip-flops close – in the handbag, for example. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to spend some time on a newly discovered beach, do you?

    Neil Barrett от remixshop.com

    Neil Barrett from remixshop.com

    For casual cocktail hours

    And when we say casual, we mean a mimosa for brunch or margaritas at 3 pm. So don’t opt for too much extravaganza, pick a pair of comfy espadrilles and dare to have that second drink!

    COS от remixhsop.com

    COS from remixhsop.com

    For fancy dinner dates

    Now that would be the time to sparkle! Carrie Bradshaw made Manolo Blahnik shoes a must for fancy romantic dinner dates. Pick a pair of royal blue flatswith a sparkling detail or the iconic Mary Janes with a strap. Their Majesties will do the rest for you.

    Manolo Blahnik buty w remixshop.com

    Manolo Blahnik from remixshop.com

    No such thing as too many shoes, right?